Develop your professional writing skills

The Clear Writing Coach

You are in the right place to learn more about how to write clearly and concisely.

You don’t need to go to university to learn the simple techniques that will elevate your business emails, letters, memos, reports and other workplace documents.

Instead, The Clear Writing Coach can help you develop your professional writing skills through a short, fully online business writing course.

In less than one day, you could be writing better than before: knowing how to get started, getting faster responses and creating high-quality communications that make you look like a true pro.

Better Business Writing

Better Business Writing for RFCS

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Why choose Sam?

Sam has trained thousands of people to improve their professional writing skills, including people who thought they were ‘no good at English’, people with multiple academic qualifications and people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds.

Fast and practical training

Sam’s Better Business Writing course takes 5 to 8 hours in total. Her courses are highly practical, focused on things like how to get started, how to plan content, how to structure documents and how to minimise errors.

Decades of experience

Sam has made a living from writing, editing and teaching people about professional writing for over 30 years. A former journalist and ministerial communications adviser, she has worked with all levels of government, private sector and non-profit organisations, and publications like Gourmet Traveller and Qantas magazines.

Driven by results

Sam’s training has helped thousands of people in diverse roles to overcome their fears, feel more confident, save time writing at work, get better results and move up the career ladder faster.


Sam has helped thousands of people to improve their workplace writing skills

Sam is very knowledgeable and has a great understanding of editing etc. Super helpful and engaging training.
Useful, simple instruction. Relevant to my position. Will be able to apply the course information daily.
11 out of 10. Learned some valuable hints, strategies and techniques that will improve my business writing.
I found this training to be extremely beneficial to my role. The content and the way it was delivered were easy to follow and I remained engaged. Would recommend this training to others in my team.